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Service and Structure Group Management of Activities and Companies

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Service and Structure Group Management of Activities and Companies

Always design a thing by considering it in its next larger context – a chair in a room, a room in a house, a house in an environment, an environment in a city plan.
Our History
The “Marçel Pidalà & Partners + Network” history began in 2004 and started out with an intense exercise of urban planning activities of the city and of the territory by Andrea Marçel Pidalà and with the foundation of the first CITYPLANNING professional firm; in 2008 the architectural design activity (with a strong focus on private building) by Valeria Ravì Pinto and the foundation of the DOMUS-BUILDING AND DESIGN studio was added and flanked. From this moment on, the two professional firms will work in full complementarity and integration on the various sectors of technical competence of planning, urban planning and architecture, broadening and integrating the offer of services clearly and overall; in 2014, following the numerous requests received from numerous local clients (with the specific request for the administration of their properties and personal practices) – and more and more often also from citizens residing abroad – ACTIVA srls – Property Administration was founded, for the management of condominium buildings and private properties and real estate units. In these eighteen years (18) the various activities have expanded and diversified, and have required an overall management reorganization of the three areas of interest and the offer of services (in step with market demands) constituting the formula of the group. The “Marçel Pidalà & Partners” is now led by Marçel and Valeria Pidalà and has developed, in recent years, a more innovative and integrated approach to services, this has happened through a clear strategic vision and a reorganization of the surprising demand and variety of works ranging from territorial and urban plans, environmental assessments, up to the executive and preliminary architectural design, internal and external, asset management for individuals, real estate and condominium buildings. From the large to the small project scale, the holistic approach of the “Marçel Pidalà & Partners” enables fully integrated project and management solutions. With a cosmopolitan Team-Network, the studios plan, design and manage by carrying out research and taking on challenges, simply by asking the right questions. Over the years “Marçel Pidalà & Partners” has cultivated this extraordinary multidisciplinary attitude, whose dimensions oscillate from the element to the system and vice versa. From real estate management, to architecture, up to urbanism / planning, research and practices merge according to a humanistic approach and a single and solid holistic and strategic vision that is constantly integrated drawing inspiration from tradition and orienting itself towards the future. Our group “Marçel Pidalà & Partners” currently stands out for being Visionary, dynamic and multifaceted in the various sectors, services, activities and professionalism at 360 degrees. Today the group presents itself with a more qualified attitude of offering services (centered on business development , building management and project management) and capable of dealing with and addressing – simultaneously – the different scales of project and intervention with an approach capable of managing the various phases of project complexity, from the single building or more buildings, both in the preliminary phases, executive that in the administrative management aspect and the same applies to city and territory planning activities for public administrations. Our work is appreciated for almost all the services carried out because clients and clients find an easy resolution on the problems that arise from time to time through a serious and reliable contact. The “Marçel Pidalà & Partners” today fully embodies the ideal of the architecture” Ateliers “of the last century following the spirit of tradition but adding the strategic vision (typical of management) projected into the future that make it an important reality in the regional context and national. From the design of a building in its individual components, to the elaboration of a general or implementation urban plan and/or an environmental assessment, our Team-Network mixes technical knowledge with experimentation, experience and innovative capacity and visionary (recently also with the ability to manage crowdfunding) to constantly guarantee excellence in the services offered for our clients and customers.
Our Vision
Marçel Pidalà & Partners + Network focuses on building the future and in this sense the key approach of our group is based on two essential considerations: imagining and doing, together. The characteristics of our Vision are based on the dynamism, adaptability and courage with which we do things. In this sense, two elements of our strategic thinking that belongs to us are important: imagining and doing. Imagining it as a creative act, through ideas, theories, forecasts, methods and approaches based on the international experience conducted by the founding members. Making through our original style, our “craftsmanship”, which also takes into account other experiences but which puts individuals at the center in space and society, in the territory and in the community.
Our mission
Marçel Pidalà & Partners + Network offers a differentiation – uniqueness – of the offer of services that distinguishes us on the market in a unique, clear and clear way and that allows us to stand out from the crowd. We focus on guaranteeing our clients: full support, support and guidance, problem solving. The Mission of our group is to be present, the presence on the territory is fundamental, to be rooted in the territory and to work for the territory, in full synergy with local communities and individual needs, all this pursuing a constant commitment both intellectual and professional in support of our clients and what makes up our continuity over time and makes us a point of reference. Over the years our history has been enriched by continuity, tradition but also innovation, history and the future have been constantly mixed providing our clients with some essential components of our uniqueness, which are part of our “Charter of Values”, and which are basically centered on some key words such as: seriousness, quality, reliability, trust, accuracy and efficiency.
Paths are made by walking, Franz Kafka
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